Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Early Escurssion !!

This was our very rare chance. I doubt if any other batch got this rare opportunity. And i am very thankful to be a lucky member from our batch to get this chance.

It was again in eight standard that we have been asked with a rare opportunity to join the excursion team that year. The seniors were going for a trip. Since there were 10 vacant seats available in the bus, only if 10 more students willing to join ,it was economical to run 2 big bus for the trip. It was normal to go for an excursion at the tenth standard, well before the exam pressure build up. This time somehow there was a shortage of students. The ninth class was not taken into consideration since they were just junior and there were so many protest against including the just junior batch. So the headmistress asked if anyone from eight was willing. But only ten members were allowed though. The teacher did not expect any one of us willing to join the trip. But as soon as she asked we few raised our hands. She then said
"remember you will miss the class if you go" ...that's one main reason we wanted to go.

There were two divisions for each class and the same question was asked to the other section too. And few said yes from there also. Now there were more willing people than the actual requirement. Then the second condition was to pay the money in advance and get added as a first come first serve basis. It was not at all a problem, we all were ready with the money very next day. Though there was some rush and push to pay first, it was all well finished and the list now has more than 15 members from junior batch going for excursion with the seniors. Some how we were in good relation with this senior batch. But teachers told us that it was their excursion and so we had to keep our celebration to the minimum inside the bus.

its OK .. we too not wanted to get bashed up inside the bus

Remember our batch was really notorious for making trouble in and out of the school. Am very sure many teachers were so happy that these main problem makers were leaving the school. So all had given us a thumbs up! and waved hands with never seen happiness in their face when the bus was leaving the campus.

There were two bus as usual. One for the boys and one for the girls. But in this trip since seats were vacant in both bus few guys from the junior batch ware little more luckier than rest of all to travel in girls bus. you are wrong .. i wasn't that lucky,none from our gang was. Why? let me explain the situation here.

Always our batch was very trouble making but the B group was famous for some really quiet boys. They were famous for their good character. The reason is still a mystery. What i had noticed from my personal observation, that the group did have some serious trouble makers but they were outnumbered by these decent guys and girls. More over the girls some how had the last word in the class. Many of the girls in that class Group B were really close to teachers and headmistress. Even the main prayer girl was the group leader and she was like a school staff in students uniform.(sorry to say this... dear).These girls had real tough attitude and commanding power but, I confess, they were extremely pretty (did i forget to use the word HOT ..) and amazingly attractive. Being a guy I got the advantage of knowing how many boys ,including seniors and in our batch,were madly after these girls but scared to open their mouth.(i say that was a smart move not disclosing this to all else many would have got expelled from school itself) OK this doesn't mean my batch did not have hot girls. We were some how blessed with beautiful girls with a more caring,friendly nature than taking command over us.:) and my interest too was from my own class.

So these reputation allowed these guys to travel in girls’ bus. In a way it still was an all girl bus, we never counted them as boys.( sorry guys even you knew this at school days).

back to the story..…..

As usual the excursion team was planned to visit Ooty, Bangalore, Mysore and back.

The hero of this story is one of our gang member, my close friend,lets call him Harry. Harry always claimed he had studied in Ooty till he was 6 years old. So all the way we were asking him doubts and explanation on many things out of curiosity. We were visiting Ooty for the first time and so we gave him a leader position. He even claimed that he knew Tamil very well. This guy,in turn, had proper convincing explanation to all our questions too. But we stopped at night for refreshments and it was somewhere in Tamil Nadu. To our surprise we could communicate better in Tamil than him. From this moment we started doubting him. He was smart to convince us by saying he did know Tamil but forgot since he was an Anglo Indian kid who studied in English medium school. Anyways we have marked him now.

It was late midnight when we reached Ooty. Our stay was arranged at some dormitory and since we were so tired, went to sleep. Early morning we would be visiting the Botanical Garden,there was some flower show going on. We got up pretty early and it was really freezing cold. I have taken around 5 coffee already and was wearing a sweater to keep myself warm. Few seniors have already boarded to bus. It was then our Harry noticed a horse which was available for a ride if you paid 10 rupees. We all wanted a ride but he took it first. The horse was pretty tall. It took little effort for him to climb on top of it. Seeing that our interest was reduced considerably. Normally the horse boy will sit behind ya if you want and help you ride it. But Harry insisted to ride alone. This will show his courage and to some extend prove his early years story to be true. So he said he would do it alone. The guy still took some time explaining the controls or commands.

guy "if you say …....hey hey ..will make it ride faster"

Harry " i know anna ..i know.."

guy " pull these belt right to make it turn right ..."

Harry "Owh anna i know ... let me go"

guy "pull it left to.................."

Harry "hey hey....... hey hey ......."

He was already steaming straight , before the guy could finish it. He looked so confident and we all were jealous of him.

Riding a horse all by yourself without anyone’s help made him look royal. The girls’ bus was standing nearby and all the senior girls were admiring his courage. And we all wanted to show ours too..but inside we were little scared and time was limited. The horse was really tall and falling from there would prove fatal. At the same time riding with the guy's help would lose our reputation that we earned all these years. We were looking for a reason like say there wasn’t any time for ride as the bus was almost leaving.

Things were getting serious now. Ten minutes have passed and the bus were full now. All seniors have boarded and it’s just few of us outside. Teachers were commanding us to enter. But we couldn’t!! Why?? The horse guy wouldn’t let us in if his horse is not coming back.

we said " anna .. our friend is there too.. so he will bring it back"

another one said " he know all this place and he is expert rider "

Horse guy " owh he knew the place.. now wait till my horse come back"

Teachers have come out for our rescue and by this time few localites have surrounded us. They were least bothered about the school kid riding the horse they needed only the horse back. This time we started doubting if it’s some sort of drama. These guys rent the horse and claim money for the missing horse. We were wondering what must have happened to him.

More than 20 minutes have passed now. Still no sign of him anywhere. owh Harry please come back. The dormitory we been staying was provided to us by the local Church. These people have come for rescue. They threatened the horse guy and his team that if the boy get into any accident he would be in big problem. More over they have pointed him out that no matter what, he should have accompanied him. Its his responsibility and its very wrong of him to let the school kid ride alone. So many who supported the horse guy now started leaving the scene. But the teachers were now a little too much worried hearing the word 'accident'. They would be responsible for the missing school kid.

To add more oil in to the fire some from the near teashop claimed the horse was a problem maker and there were few cliffs on that side.

We were like " God are we gonna attend a funeral !!!"

In spite of all these tensions our friends could crack a few jokes on him and horse, which made us look like we were least bothered about him.

one suggested .. “he always wanted to escape but never thought he take the horse”

other said ... “poor horse.”.

third one.. “no he must have rented it to other people and must be earning money by this time.”
(hmm that is a possibility )

…..... “then today's treat is on him”

but still .. why is he putting us in trouble? one studious guy from other bus asked.

and we looked at him and laughed .. we were like " dude understand ….rule says..NEVER LOOK BACK... when u run just run....dont think of others .. save your ass !!"

It was then we heard some shouting and noise from the horse guy‘s team. It was like they spotted him. We too were looking at the side he went. But it seemed he was coming from some other direction. We rushed to see him. The sight was little different

We could see the horse running pretty fast towards us. As it was approaching us the sight become clearer. It was horrifying, at the same time very funny too. Harry was some how sitting on the horse. His hands and legs both stretched out in straight. It felt as if he pleading " some one please take me out of this thing "

he was a very fair kid but now it seemed he was all red. or at least his face was red for sure.

The horse slowed down really quickly seeing its master. The horse guy and all of us helped him get down. He whole body was shivering. All the happiness when he was leaving have disappeared from his face. We didn't ask any question to him at this time. He was just guided to the bus and made to sit in a full seat all alone. Since things have gone this far none of us couldn't ask for a ride. It seems the word HORSE was banned for the rest of the trip. Inside the bus the seniors were really unhappy for delaying them this much. Nearly 40minutes have been wasted here.

We asked him later what had happened. The story goes like this. He got the instructions for turning left and right, and how to accelerate but didn't know how to stop it. The horse was tall and really fast running one.He tried out different versions of “hey hey … hoo hoo ..hoyya hoyya ….”

The horse kept on speeding for each of these command. The speed got exceptionally high and it ran through the edge of really steep cliffs. All this time he was sitting on top of it with out any control. He lost the grip on belts in very early stage of ride itself. Then some one asked him where all he went.

There was a change in expression in his face and we all could see how steep those cliffs were. None dared to ask any more questions. It was sure Harry will never come to Ooty again. Harry was silent for the rest of the day.

Statutory Warning!!! -A must Read .

The posts made here are purely out of my imagination and the stories have extensively modified,edited to create humor and entertainment.All characters and events depicted in this post are fictional, and any resemblance to persons living, dead, or fictional or situations past, present, or fictional is purely and completely coincidental.

There is no other way i can save my ass !!!  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A mysterious Ink Sprayer !!!

It was our first day at class eight. As usual we have been asked to go to our previous class ie class seventh and stay there. The maid lady is supposed to come and inform us where we should move to - the new class for this academic year. This academic year is so special. why? Coz now we are going to the high-school building. There are many other reasons also for this excitement. We the seventh standard has been the senior most guys all these years and now we are going to the high-school section where we will be the junior most guys. OK anyways it’s not a big issue for me and my friends at-least, since we have been traveling in the KSRTC school bus from 5th onwards. Can anybody imagine a KSRTC government bus fully given and run as a school bus for any other school in kerala at-least? I have met many people from different parts of kerala and none of them had this privilege. Even many couldn't believe this. Ok what advantage I had traveling in that? Yes I have been in real good friendship with seniors -- the Batch of Jidesh ,sadath , kevin ,arun and hottest girls (couldnt name since they are way too seniors and few are married to my relatives now) -- who were more popular than our batch. So it’s no big deal for us to move around freely and enjoy.

Coming back to the story part. We took our baggages and moved to the new class room. It was the last classroom very close to the border wall. It was like a great wall of china we couldn't see whats behind it but we all know its the famous "k^%$^^$&m Kayal"there. Another special thing about our new class room was that all these years it was the office room of Headmistress and we stood in front of this many a times. :) . ..until last year coming near to the room gave us a similar feeling like getting close to a bee hive .. DANGER DANGER sound murmuring from inside . Now we are in the very same room but with full freedom.

Once we entered the room and as usual there was a rush to get the best seat first. This only happens with those kids in the front benches.The short studious decent slow re-acting guys lol they always rush..(sorry friends ) Since we back benchers always follow the same seating arrangements and as we do have a better understanding between us there was no need to fight for silly things :).And totally our seating will be rearranged by ourselves ,after a few days, according to how the girls gonna sit, since many of us had our own personal choices. As soon as we entered and got settled , few of our friends noticed there were two Regulators for the fan. They got curious and started to fiddle with it hoping to find where is the second fan?One guy switched on each switch one by one and other few started going in search of what it operates. The search team has returned with negative answer. They did not find any thing linked to that extra regulator box. Then one shouted, "if it doesn’t operate anything then why should it stay here?" Another shouted "remove it!"

Just after he told it the regulator was removed and there was a mess to get hands on it. It fell down from one guy and another just tackled it with his foot. That’s it!! A football match started with regulator as ball in no time. It has expanded its boundary to the outside play ground from the class. Finally one kick has gone wrong and it made a goal. Some one shouted "ESCAPE !!". The regulator box exactly passed through the door of Headmistress’ new office room and fell precisely in front of her table and cracked in to pieces. A new school academic year started for her with a shocking blast sound. She really got pissed of this and with in no time ordered the maid to find out from which class this is missing. Oh Owh!!
Luckly the school hour’s bell rang and class had begun. Since it’s a new school year there wasn’t any real lecture going on and in all the classes the usual introduction part was going on. Then the maid has surfaced in front of our class room. She asked permission and entered the class. From outside itself she understood where the broken regulator was fixed. She whispered to the teacher something. May be how pissed the headmistress is.... LOL. She left and in no time Principal Sister made her presence in our class. She asked us who did this??

We were like ... Who did what ?? and gave a strange curious look . Trust me we are good at these things. Even the best drama award and best actor comes from my own class.

Poor nun again asked. "I know what you have done with the regulator. I even saw few of you….so better don't waste time and stand out..."

We really didn't bother her... and the best part is almost all gave a face like we even didn’t know there was a second regulator.

I looked at the place where it was fixed. Now I see only two yellow wires popped out. It was removed with some skill, not in a hurry and it showed that the guy has good mechanical skills.

Headmistress is really losing her temper and now she know this is not going to work in this way... I think what made her more furious is the way we looked at her face. As if some crazy dog is barking in front of us.

She shouted "if you’re not admitting then the whole year I wont sent any teachers to your class. your one year will be wasted."
Am sure many of us thought in our mind... "wow.. please don't promise tempting offers like this"
She went out and sent our class teacher back in. She was a poor lady teacher, I really don't know what sin she has committed to suffer it the very first day itself. lol.
She tried to convince us saying that nothing will happen if you come out and admit.
we have seen bigger festivals and never got tempted, comparing that this was just a usual weekend stuff.

After some time again the headmistress came to our class. To her surprise we all looked like nothing has ever happened and we are ,in a way, enjoying the free class hour.

She shouted "all boys out of the class in a line and stand in the sun till further order..."
What we heard is, "You don't have to simply sit and waste your time ... lets get out and play in the ground."
Many of us, sure, thought "hey this is new stuff :) so we really got promoted. nice!!!

Like we thought she didn’t allow us to play and all. But we were standing without a form. The sun was getting hotter and hotter so we naturally moved to the shades.

Our school had this special breed of Mango trees. They are very small in height but they had huge mangoes which can be plucked from the ground itself. And these trees had a peculiar grown branches and we could easily climb on them. It was mango season and those trees were full of mangoes. Whats happening now ?? We all began moving to the shade of these trees.

Some one just got tempted and plucked a mango. Then another one too needed one. Then there were a few guys who got the initiative to take request from the crowd. These guys climbed up and competition started between them.It was like "hey who could pluck more". Two or three were on the tree climbing up and others order from below. Now the supply and demand has grown up exponentially and so did the competition in plucking them. At some moment these guys on top really forgot what they were doing and almost plucked all the mangoes, even the tiny ones too and started dropping them down.
Rest of the guys standing down took two- three bites and left the mangoes there itself. The ground under the tree has now become a war field with leaves and mangoes lying on the ground. It looked greenish. I think it’s the driver who saw this scene and he started moving towards the office room. We didn’t know what to do... Some jumped down and some even fell down. Others were trying hard to clear the mouth. God! it was a mess.

Headmistress arrived at the scene and the very glance at it almost gave her a HEARTATTACK !!! She shouted " Ente maataave .. kariachanu vitta maavaano ithu.. Ini ayalodu njan enna parayum !!! " .... " chekutthante santathikala ivanmaar.. vidaruthoruthaneyum... athu moyuvan theettikkanam "

"owh dear Mother
... i have already sold the mangoes to Sachreah.. now what am i gonna tell him!!!" ... "these are devils own kids.... don't leave them .. make them eat all those "

She rushed towards us and yelled again, " how could u pluck these tiny ones too? Since you have plucked to eat, don’t stop. You all have to finish all of these."
She turned to the driver and said “you have to stand here and watch them eat all."

The driver was in a shock. He saw a whole bunch of naughty kids in front of him with raw mangoes in hand and he is supposed to make them eat all.

Anyways we tried to eat little and it was impossible. The mangoes were very raw and sour.

So took one bite and we threw it up to the back water side. Someone started this idea of throwing it farthest and next moment there was a competition about who could throw it

Seeing our bad state,the driver promised to get some salt and chilly powder for us.
But he somehow convinced the headmistress that it’s better to make pickle with these mangoes. Then he got a knife and asked us to cut it for pickle. Since this was a better deal than eating, a few studious guys took the interest and did cut it,hoping to get back to class first lol.

All these incidents occurred and it seems that this news has gone deep inside the convent also. A rarely seen really old sister has come out. She came to us and made us stand in order. She started advising us. The lecture went really long and it became boring.It was her sound that's annoying most. She had nothing to do with us. I really don’t know what made her think that we could be corrected by advising. To be true the lecture was way too hard to tolerate. Even though we got tortured to its max by that sister’s lecture we have been allowed to sit back in the class. We were forgiven !!

When we were back in the class we heard the new issue was from the class teacher,she wanted some other class. It seems she was really not interested in ours. I say it was her big mistake to think that way.To make it more worse, we came to know about the matter. She just invited trouble. The girls gave us more detailed information on what were happening inside the class when we were in the sun.It seems the Headmistress came to the class, gave a huge lecture and tried all possible ways to get the name from the girls.But none gave any names, not even listened to any of the lectures.
She said to the class. “In all other classes, at least the girls point out the names. Here even girls support them."
She was so helpless and she didn’t have any possible way to find the culprit. Sending whole class outside has proven to be a big wrong idea.

Class teacher tried all possible ways to find out some names and get herself in to our Headmistress’ good book.

But our girls told the teacher ... "teacher you will go in an hour. Whole day we have to sit with them in the same class..So we cant say any names...We all were there together"

(I had to say this ... our female friends in class were so supportive and they could understand us better than anyone else. They knew its all our little naughty kiddish nature and we all were so decent and innocent inside. They never put us down. .. I miss them really... and I miss my batch mates.)

When we came to know this, Our respect and love for our precious batch mates have grown so high and we even have this bond between us though it has been more than a decade after our school days.!!.

Ok coming back to the story... It was lunch break and we had finished our lunch. Class was supposed to start. But the story took a huge deviation from here.

Things seemed pretty serious. Teachers were running here and there. All gave us a very furious look. And some gave us a clue. This time all are in real trouble.
Our class leader came back with a strange serious face. And all this time I was having really good time with my dream girl,crush of that time.Hey this does only mean we were lucky to some hidden gestures and smiles each other.. it was real fun doing all these with out the rest of class noticing it. And few other friends like me were also having a good time - God! those were really lovely moments.

The teacher suddenly came to the class followed by Headmistress and no long talks this time.. Just an order “whole boys out of the class ... Now!!!”

Out side, have we been asked to stand in strict silence and later Headmistress came again and told us the matter.

No, we didn’t poison anyone through the pickle... It was something else.

The Mother (the old sister who tortured us with her talks earlier.... no, lol she didn’t die also...) got sprayed with Ink from behind on her robe!!!

I was like ... lol.... that’s all... she deserved even worse!!! She should thank God for not getting killed by any of us!! It was a horrible lecture.

But question is ... and curious part is, I was so close to the guys who dare to do this and I didn't know this has happened at all!!!

OK now between friends all started murmuring in the ground.. who did this ?? who did this ?? Out of curiosity and anxiety, people started calling names and ask ""hey it’s you, right??""
Then the swearing reply.. "hell no !!! B*&^%&%rd !!.. must be you"
I think the teacher thought we might come up with some names between us if left unattended. But it was like we were calling almost all names each other. The trouble maker guys came to a compromise. They stopped calling each other’s names and started calling innocent studious guys’ name too.A few took it real serious. Some couldn’t defend and they started pouring and some,out of protest,tore the shirts pocket and it was a fixture for later day fight !!!

But the matter was real serious and no one even bothered to notice us standing in the afternoon sun. So we got irritated and few moved to the veranda’s shade. Some teachers in nearby classes got irritated with the noise we made and ordered us to fall back to earlier place.

It’s been hours and school time is almost over. You know, when we badly wanted the bell to ring and escape from this, it did not ring on time. Usually school bell rings at around 3.25pm and then after two minutes,prayer song starts. But today it’s 3.35pm and not even the first bell happened. Then we could notice the maid running here and there. She was going to each class in person and telling the respective class teachers something. We got curious.

The school busses and the KSRTC bus that we travel were already in the campus. They usually come little late. Today it’s the school which is late. Strange!!

At around 3.50pm announcement through the schools public address system came the familiar voice.... It was our headmistress again..

(we have been studying in this school for around 9 years now and am sure that we have never heard from her this much that we heard in this single day lol _and i dont think she would waste anymore of her time on us again )

She said like this..."I apologize for not leaving the school on time and drivers please do convey this to announcement for the students and school staff... our BELL STRICKER has gone missing and if any of you find it please return it the office "

hahaha..that was her ‘big mistake’ to sent us outside the class during school hours.If so she would have only lost a useless regulator alone.

do you think the list of troubles ended here.. NO ... there is little more from that same day.......


The very next day, as usual we came to school and we saw a whole bunch of locals who have gathered in front of the school gate. They shouted that they woulnot allow this school to run in here. They demanded the school have to be shut down.!!!

I thought wow!!... ‘this is interesting’!!! Too many thoughts ran in my mind.. If class didn’t happen today also I could spend more free time with my girl :)

but I dint want the school to be shut down.. we could settle it..

But later I heard the real reason for this protest outside, and I was shocked. Many kids who were playing in the church ground, (church was next to the backwaters other side.) got hit by mangoes and stones (it seem when mangoes finished they used stones too) falling from the sky. some cases are serious too.. Owh NO!!! Not again in the sun today also !!!


Till this day it was a mystery for me that who sprayed that ink on her back.I have asked again and again to my friends and it seems there is some sort of pledge or may be the real doer has not told anyone. I’ve been one among them and so close I couldn’t believe they are not telling it to me. But am happy that my friends could really keep some secret if needed :) they don’t cheat us!!!!

Heheheh....... to my close friends... " I told ya i wont tell to anybody " !!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A blog for my friends !!!

For a long time I have been thinking about this, writing a blog about those things we talk. No its not out and out personal chit chats…mostly we discuss things that may be useful for others too and it might be helpful and valuable if it would have been made available for all those who search the web. Ok, you must be thinking what would it be, that we claim to discuss which will be useful for all.. To be very true, there are so much ideas ,imagination ,planning, going on in our minds and the very next moment or after a few weeks time, its all gone as new ones replace the older ones. Now that I have decided to start this off … why ?? cos when I publish.. I mean if at all I publish this and ask my friends to go through it .. they r sure gonna come up with suggestions. Atleast they read it once and may think of adding a few words to this blog. Either it will develop into a mature, better useful blog or it will perish as no one finds it interesting… this possibility too cannot be ignored.. only these two options are left for almost all the things in this universe dead or living. Fine… let me come to the point instead of blabbering and mind it, I am really good in going round the topics and finally wasting a lot of time to tell a small thing!!.. One good thing about writing it down for me is that later I might solve this issue of mine or atleast here, people wont be forced to hear my annoying (what many say) lectures. Only needy ones are going to read it …