Monday, June 14, 2010

A blog for my friends !!!

For a long time I have been thinking about this, writing a blog about those things we talk. No its not out and out personal chit chats…mostly we discuss things that may be useful for others too and it might be helpful and valuable if it would have been made available for all those who search the web. Ok, you must be thinking what would it be, that we claim to discuss which will be useful for all.. To be very true, there are so much ideas ,imagination ,planning, going on in our minds and the very next moment or after a few weeks time, its all gone as new ones replace the older ones. Now that I have decided to start this off … why ?? cos when I publish.. I mean if at all I publish this and ask my friends to go through it .. they r sure gonna come up with suggestions. Atleast they read it once and may think of adding a few words to this blog. Either it will develop into a mature, better useful blog or it will perish as no one finds it interesting… this possibility too cannot be ignored.. only these two options are left for almost all the things in this universe dead or living. Fine… let me come to the point instead of blabbering and mind it, I am really good in going round the topics and finally wasting a lot of time to tell a small thing!!.. One good thing about writing it down for me is that later I might solve this issue of mine or atleast here, people wont be forced to hear my annoying (what many say) lectures. Only needy ones are going to read it …

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